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"Playing in the Ocean"

The memories I have as a child, how happy I felt when playing in the sea is what inspired me to paint this picture of this young girl playing with her imaginary friend among the waves

           "Bubbles and Wind"

This colorful piece refers to the dream of a girl where her most beautiful memories have to do with the game between the winds and the soap bubbles


This painting was inspired by the current times where the selfie is a very common thing and children imitate our behavior. It's a call to people to check on their own values and not to love for the outside appearances.

"Color Hues "

This piece was inspired by the diversity of the race and its union, where I consider that its differences is what makes us important and special .


 This piece is inspired by the beautiful link that children have with the natural world.

"The girl and the dalmatian"

The indisputable union between children and our pets is a wonderful thing. This piece recalls that beautiful union coexist.


Observation and appreciation of our infants towards nature is admirable. Dew is one of our first natural curiosities


When I made this picture, I did it thinking about the joy that children feel when they discover something new and are attracted to animals


This piece shows the confidentiality between brothers. Sometimes it is not necessary to speak, only with their eyes they can communicate their feelings

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